Hello everybody!!!welcome to our blog i hope everyone will enjoy their time here…My name is r4rafan and i think it’s obvious that i am a huge fan of Rafael Nadal(one of the greatest tennis players in the world).Of course Rafa is not the only thing i’m interested in.I also love listening to music and i especially like rock and metal music…My favourite bands are Guns ‘n’ Roses and Slipknot…Another thing that really relaxes me is reading books…at the moment i am reading “Eclipse” by Stephenie Meyer(a book that i would recommend to  everyone.) At the weekends i play tennis and sometimes me and my family go on day trips(mostly during the summer as the weather isn’t always good in winter)Browsing the internet is another thing i usually do in my spare time…Some of the sites i like the most are: tennis.com, rafaelnadal.com and of course i love posting on our blog.