If you have tried everything in order to stop being bored, there are some really interesting and educating hobbies you can take up. You could start reading books or comics!!! If you can’t afford a book right now, why don’t you borrow one from your school library? School libraries offer a huge variety of books. But if you don’t know which one to read, you should ask your teacher to help you choose a book that you might be interested in reading. If you hate reading, you could try something else. A nice idea would be to create your own movie!!!  The program that might help you is available on every computer, so don’t worry :).  This program is called Windows Movie Maker. Upload your video from your camera or your mobile phone, add some effects, photos, music, your name at the end and your movie is ready!!! It might take a long time to understand Windows Movie Maker and to complete your video but after you finish it don’t let it go to your head!!! You are not a Hollywood director :):):)! I hope you will find my ideas very helpful and interesting!!!