Nowadays, more and more schools are starting to close due to the new flu.Indeed, the idea of  not having to wake up at  seven o’clock, really appeals to me! You are be given the opportunity to relax and have a rest.For me, having NO school for over a week this period, is a dream come true! (I hope my school closes,too). However, concerning it seriously, everybody believes that if schools are closed, students who have this particular flu, won’t keep in touch with other people to transmit the illness. But this is a lie. They still mix with people, so no matter how unlikely that might seem, I believe that this isn’t a good solution to remedy the situation.  Apart from this, in my opinion it’s a bit unfair for schools that aren’t closed at the moment and they are having lessons and challenging exams, while others are sleeping, watching TV or surfing the Internet. It’s really anoying! (But again, I hope my school closes!).