A week ago when the headmaster of my school announced us that we didn’t have to go to school for the next week everybody felt relieved and excited about the next few days(including my self).I have to admit that after three days of relaxing i was almost eager to return to my usual habits…When the next day I realased that probably i had the same flu that was the reason for my school to stop having classes i decided that there was a reason for this action.Despite the opinion of many teachers i understand at the time being there is a necessity to close some schools.Attending a lesson is very important in understanding it so for victims of the flu ,such as me, there would be quite many problems after losing so many hours.Of course i do believe that most of the schools that closed didn’t have real or enough cases of patients, however checking if the children are real victims is included in the duty of the teachers dealing with the situation so the students shouldn’t be blamed.For the ones that still do blame us (the students) please start complaining for the actual reasons(which is the lack of ability adults have in controlling) that have caused the unjust closing of the schools and stop pretending that teenagers are ‘the source of all evil’ in this country…Also something that would be beneficial for everybody is to remind yourselves the way you reacted in our age and consider all the factors that have made today’s teens do things like that.