Here’s one of my most recent pieces of writing: an imaginary formal letter to a politician outlining my ideas about the financial support that should be given in sports by the government.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Having read an article expressing your opinion on sports funds published in the local newspaper on the 18th of June I am writing to express my concern at hearing the from your point of view there should be a radical increase in money spent in this field.

First and foremost,I would like to comment on the extract from the article, in which it is highlighted that sports achievements are nowadays a means of national appeal. Despite this fact being partially true as attention is given to a certain country as a consequence of those achievements, this is not the initial goal. Where positive publicity may be caused by sports for a rather short period of time this image of a successful nation must be maintained by completing other major tasks, for instance fighting against unemployment and poverty.

Regarding the proposal of raising the expenditure on all sports facilities and training equipment, I would like to express my alarm at hearing this suggestion. Spending more on sports will probably cause the decrease of fundraising in other fundamental fields for the progress of our society. Wasting money in order to be strong in the sporting world while vital civil services are not given the attention needed cannot be beneficial for anyone. Of course a small increase in the money provided for sports could be a show of support and motivation towards the athletes and might indirectly lead to moments of victory in the future.

All in all,despite the fact that achievements in the sports field reflect a healthy and improving society, a tremendous amount of money spent on that will lead to nothing but a negative impact on other services. In contradiction, providing a larger amount of money in services, such as education, so that even more children can take up a sport and maybe evolve into  great athletes one day would be much wiser.

I would be interested in hearing other readers’ comments regarding this issue.

Yours faithfully,

Irene Mavrikaki.