Nowadays,15% of world’s  electricity  comes from  nuclear power,also  utility  reactions  heat  water  to  produce  steam , which is  used  to generate electricity.Although,many people  speak  out  about  the  dangers  of  nuclear  power,there are advantages.

One of  the  most  significant  advantages  of  using  fission  nuclear  energy  is  that  it  is  a  viable alternative  to  fossil  fuel which is said  to be  deplenting.This is why more and  more  experts  support  the  opinion of developing  more  nuclear  reactors.Moreover,by using nuclear  power  we do not  pollute the  air which  is a  great  advantage  too and as  we all  know  our  planet  is  in  danger,so in  this  way  we protect the environment.Furthermore,by using  fission  there is  greater  energy yield,so with fission  we consume substances  that  can  be  replaced rather than using oil.Finally,the  power which is produced is from controlled non-explosive reactions  so  we do not have to  worry so  much.

On the other hand,one  of  the  main  risks  in nuclear power  is  the  way the  radioactive  waste  is managed.Sientists usually put the  waste  into  a  concrete  container and  they  put  those container  into  the  soil.Also, it is important to remember that many countries take advantage this process in order to make  nuclear  weapons  which  will  use  in wars.Of course, those weapons are  destructive because the effects of  radioactive stay  for many  years.In addition it is true that many people are afraid of explosions  ,which they might exist,such as the explosion in Chernobyl.The radioactive fallout of this great explosion were absolutely fatal.Many people still die from those materials.

In this  controversial topic there is a third side too.There  is fusion  , which  it  could  be used.It is  safer  but it is  still  under  investigation and the effects are  unclear.Also many people  think about using wind power or solar power.Although,those kinds of alternatives are not produce the same quantity of electricity.

I believe that fusion is the  best  choice of  producing energy and we  must not  worry about an explosion because many scientists support that they can control it.