A radio programme has conducted a survey of young people’s television viewing habits. As a result, they have established that young people are spending more time in front of a screen , either watching TV or playing computer games, than doing sport or socializing with friends. Readers have been asked  to write in to the programme suggesting why this is happening, saying how serious they think the problem is, and what they think should be done about it.

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing regarding the survey your programme conducted about youngsters. This topic is controversial and is staring to become a serious problem.

The fact that the use of  TV or consoles has increased is hardly surprising. First and foremost, there is a wide range of media available such as DVDs, Blu ray discs, etc. Nowadays, there are too involving games available on a variety of consoles. For instance, a great deal of teenagers have multi-player games like play-stations 3. Furthermore, parents are also blame for this problem, because they are using the TV as a “nanny” during early years and added to this , they work so much time that have lack of quality time and accordingly, kids are left amuse themselves.

A final consideration is that some parents are overprotective. What I mean by this, is that most of the time, they would prefer to keep an eye on their offspring and consequently, they do not let them go out to a park or gather with their friends instead of playing games or watching TV. Hence, young people lack confidence, they become shy or introverted and prefer their own company. As a result, they start losing touch with their friends.

It will become a negative and worrying problem for our society if some steps are not taken to remedy the situation. Because of the fact that game industries are becoming more and more dangerous, we need to talk to our children and educate them to use TVs or consoles in moderation. We should put ourselves out to show them the bad effects and health problems they cause, from teens who have already faced them. By foregoing excercise, they risk their health. For example, staring at a screen for hours is harmful because it affects the eyesight. They will become addicted and increasingly cut off from friends. The society need suitable facilities for the youth of the town.

To conclude, I do not think that the problem is as serious as  we think. The media gives a negative viewpoint  of society and sometimes exaggerates too much. On the other hand, it will definitely become serious unless we do not do something.

Yours faithfully,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Alina Kritikou.