I’m sure that everybody who has been following tennis affairs the past few years has heard, read, and watched loads of things about the boy, as he firstly introduced himself, and now the man called Rafael Nadal Pareira, or just Rafa.Who hasn’t heard of the epic final between him and Roger Federer in 2008 in Wimbledon in which Rafa won 3-2? Is this achievement (beating the phenomenal Roger Federer in the Grand Slam in grass) enough to call him a real champion? Personally, I don’t think so. But the past two years have proved that Rafael Nadal deserves that title and maybe even more than that.

Rafa made it once again on Sunday and got his throne back in Wimbledon after ‘the most difficult year of his life’, as he named 2009 season. Learning what the tasks he had to face were in all levels it’s easy to explain his words.First the divorce of his parents and then a tendonitis on his knees that forced him not to even compete in Wimbledon, are two of the reasons that the Wimbledon champion will never forget the 4th of July again, even if he’s not American. His domination over the Czech finalist Thomas Berdych was total as the Spaniard beat him in straight sets: 6-3, 7-5, 6-4. (nothing like his first victory of the trophy in 2008)But Wimbledon was only the last episode in a series of major victories of him the last months in : Monte Carlo, Rome, Madrid Opens and, last but not least of course, Roland Garros. Impressive come back, no doubts about this, with Rafa gaining two more majors and reaching eight in total.(5 Roland Garros, 2 Wimbledon, and 1 Australian Open)So now a new question raises, despite the honest respect between the two athletes: can Rafa break Roger Federer’s record of 16 Grand Slams and if so does that prove he’s better even from the great Swiss? Time will show us. For now, congratulations for his victory and a wish for the best of luck in US open,which personally I am waiting eagerly, to Rafa.