If seeing that title you expect to read a post about a fairy tale guess what you’re wrong.Five little pigs is one of ,my personal favourite crime writer, Agatha Christie masterpieces.In fact it’s another task of Hercule Poirot in which it’s obvious once again his ability to solve a mystery without access to the scene of the crime.In this particular book Poirot has to deal with a crime committed fourteen years ago, as he’s requested by the daughter of the murderer who strongly believes to the innocence of her mother because of a letter she sent to her only few days before her execution.

So I believe it’s clear to everyone now why this book differs from the ones of its kind, as the ability of Christie to portray perfectly the setting and the state of her characters,in here extends and she even manages to show all the different aspects of the crime through the narrations of the people ,who were at the scene, as they remember it. Maybe the book is not unique but there are few details that make it valuable as one of the greatest examples of the talent of the author. A big thank you to Mary Clarissa Miller, who transforms herself  through her books into the best-selling writer Agatha Christie.