As the die-hard tennis fan of this blog I think it’s part of my ‘duties’ to inform anyone who might be interested that the US open is officially starting on Monday with the best tennis players of the world performing just for us ,fans. Although it’s  not my personal favourite Grand Slam it is still a Grand Slam and yes I’m planning to treat it as one(spending hours and hours watching matches and commenting in different sites *.*). Unfortunately as action has not started yet there are not many things I could talk ,sorry ,write about. Only this: fans no matter which place of the world you are from get ready for another ,hopefully ,exciting tournament. For the unlucky ones ,including me ,that do not live in America renew your supplies of cooffee ,as staying up late  to watch the matches is unbearable in any other way ,and enjoy (Graham is definetely excluded from these drinking cooffee of course).

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