A hug for whoever reading this post.


A great campaign in order to promote the power of a hug..

For anyone that is not convinced yet for the importance of hugs imagine that this kind of affection helps premature babies grow healthy much faster and of course makes any of us feel better even in rough situations..So don’t hesitate and give a hug to anyone you believe deserves it right away..


US here we come.


As the die-hard tennis fan of this blog I think it’s part of my ‘duties’ to inform anyone who might be interested that the US open is officially starting on Monday with the best tennis players of the world performing just for us ,fans. Although it’s  not my personal favourite Grand Slam it is still a Grand Slam and yes I’m planning to treat it as one(spending hours and hours watching matches and commenting in different sites *.*). Unfortunately as action has not started yet there are not many things I could talk ,sorry ,write about. Only this: fans no matter which place of the world you are from get ready for another ,hopefully ,exciting tournament. For the unlucky ones ,including me ,that do not live in America renew your supplies of cooffee ,as staying up late  to watch the matches is unbearable in any other way ,and enjoy (Graham is definetely excluded from these drinking cooffee of course).

Some useful links in order to keep up with the latest news are : usopen.org and atpworldtour.com

Five little pigs

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If seeing that title you expect to read a post about a fairy tale guess what you’re wrong.Five little pigs is one of ,my personal favourite crime writer, Agatha Christie masterpieces.In fact it’s another task of Hercule Poirot in which it’s obvious once again his ability to solve a mystery without access to the scene of the crime.In this particular book Poirot has to deal with a crime committed fourteen years ago, as he’s requested by the daughter of the murderer who strongly believes to the innocence of her mother because of a letter she sent to her only few days before her execution.

So I believe it’s clear to everyone now why this book differs from the ones of its kind, as the ability of Christie to portray perfectly the setting and the state of her characters,in here extends and she even manages to show all the different aspects of the crime through the narrations of the people ,who were at the scene, as they remember it. Maybe the book is not unique but there are few details that make it valuable as one of the greatest examples of the talent of the author. A big thank you to Mary Clarissa Miller, who transforms herself  through her books into the best-selling writer Agatha Christie.

A major champion for a major title


I’m sure that everybody who has been following tennis affairs the past few years has heard, read, and watched loads of things about the boy, as he firstly introduced himself, and now the man called Rafael Nadal Pareira, or just Rafa.Who hasn’t heard of the epic final between him and Roger Federer in 2008 in Wimbledon in which Rafa won 3-2? Is this achievement (beating the phenomenal Roger Federer in the Grand Slam in grass) enough to call him a real champion? Personally, I don’t think so. But the past two years have proved that Rafael Nadal deserves that title and maybe even more than that.

Rafa made it once again on Sunday and got his throne back in Wimbledon after ‘the most difficult year of his life’, as he named 2009 season. Learning what the tasks he had to face were in all levels it’s easy to explain his words.First the divorce of his parents and then a tendonitis on his knees that forced him not to even compete in Wimbledon, are two of the reasons that the Wimbledon champion will never forget the 4th of July again, even if he’s not American. His domination over the Czech finalist Thomas Berdych was total as the Spaniard beat him in straight sets: 6-3, 7-5, 6-4. (nothing like his first victory of the trophy in 2008)But Wimbledon was only the last episode in a series of major victories of him the last months in : Monte Carlo, Rome, Madrid Opens and, last but not least of course, Roland Garros. Impressive come back, no doubts about this, with Rafa gaining two more majors and reaching eight in total.(5 Roland Garros, 2 Wimbledon, and 1 Australian Open)So now a new question raises, despite the honest respect between the two athletes: can Rafa break Roger Federer’s record of 16 Grand Slams and if so does that prove he’s better even from the great Swiss? Time will show us. For now, congratulations for his victory and a wish for the best of luck in US open,which personally I am waiting eagerly, to Rafa.

an assigment


Here’s one of my most recent pieces of writing: an imaginary formal letter to a politician outlining my ideas about the financial support that should be given in sports by the government.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Having read an article expressing your opinion on sports funds published in the local newspaper on the 18th of June I am writing to express my concern at hearing the from your point of view there should be a radical increase in money spent in this field.

First and foremost,I would like to comment on the extract from the article, in which it is highlighted that sports achievements are nowadays a means of national appeal. Despite this fact being partially true as attention is given to a certain country as a consequence of those achievements, this is not the initial goal. Where positive publicity may be caused by sports for a rather short period of time this image of a successful nation must be maintained by completing other major tasks, for instance fighting against unemployment and poverty.

Regarding the proposal of raising the expenditure on all sports facilities and training equipment, I would like to express my alarm at hearing this suggestion. Spending more on sports will probably cause the decrease of fundraising in other fundamental fields for the progress of our society. Wasting money in order to be strong in the sporting world while vital civil services are not given the attention needed cannot be beneficial for anyone. Of course a small increase in the money provided for sports could be a show of support and motivation towards the athletes and might indirectly lead to moments of victory in the future.

All in all,despite the fact that achievements in the sports field reflect a healthy and improving society, a tremendous amount of money spent on that will lead to nothing but a negative impact on other services. In contradiction, providing a larger amount of money in services, such as education, so that even more children can take up a sport and maybe evolve into  great athletes one day would be much wiser.

I would be interested in hearing other readers’ comments regarding this issue.

Yours faithfully,

Irene Mavrikaki.

Should they remain unpunished?

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That’s a question that plagues millions of christians, and not only, around the world after it was revealed that Pope Benedict the sixteenth was concealing the ‘action’ of numerous catholic priests before becoming the leader of Catholic church. Estimating that the abuse of young children is not severe enough for Batikan to become aware of he indirectly helped to the maltreatmant of about 9,000 children only in the USA.However, despite the enourmous number of the victims, neither the priests nor the Pope,of course, was punished in any way. It is far too clear now that although there have been severall centuries since Batikan had the right to take millions of lives it is still obvious that it remains one of the most powerful and unfortunately the most influencing countries. After all those years isn’t time we should all separated the people who call themselves our spiritual leaders from our spirituality?

Swine flu at schools


A week ago when the headmaster of my school announced us that we didn’t have to go to school for the next week everybody felt relieved and excited about the next few days(including my self).I have to admit that after three days of relaxing i was almost eager to return to my usual habits…When the next day I realased that probably i had the same flu that was the reason for my school to stop having classes i decided that there was a reason for this action.Despite the opinion of many teachers i understand at the time being there is a necessity to close some schools.Attending a lesson is very important in understanding it so for victims of the flu ,such as me, there would be quite many problems after losing so many hours.Of course i do believe that most of the schools that closed didn’t have real or enough cases of patients, however checking if the children are real victims is included in the duty of the teachers dealing with the situation so the students shouldn’t be blamed.For the ones that still do blame us (the students) please start complaining for the actual reasons(which is the lack of ability adults have in controlling) that have caused the unjust closing of the schools and stop pretending that teenagers are ‘the source of all evil’ in this country…Also something that would be beneficial for everybody is to remind yourselves the way you reacted in our age and consider all the factors that have made today’s teens do things like that.

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