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A radio programme has conducted a survey of young people’s television viewing habits. As a result, they have established that young people are spending more time in front of a screen , either watching TV or playing computer games, than doing sport or socializing with friends. Readers have been asked  to write in to the programme suggesting why this is happening, saying how serious they think the problem is, and what they think should be done about it.

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing regarding the survey your programme conducted about youngsters. This topic is controversial and is staring to become a serious problem.

The fact that the use of  TV or consoles has increased is hardly surprising. First and foremost, there is a wide range of media available such as DVDs, Blu ray discs, etc. Nowadays, there are too involving games available on a variety of consoles. For instance, a great deal of teenagers have multi-player games like play-stations 3. Furthermore, parents are also blame for this problem, because they are using the TV as a “nanny” during early years and added to this , they work so much time that have lack of quality time and accordingly, kids are left amuse themselves.

A final consideration is that some parents are overprotective. What I mean by this, is that most of the time, they would prefer to keep an eye on their offspring and consequently, they do not let them go out to a park or gather with their friends instead of playing games or watching TV. Hence, young people lack confidence, they become shy or introverted and prefer their own company. As a result, they start losing touch with their friends.

It will become a negative and worrying problem for our society if some steps are not taken to remedy the situation. Because of the fact that game industries are becoming more and more dangerous, we need to talk to our children and educate them to use TVs or consoles in moderation. We should put ourselves out to show them the bad effects and health problems they cause, from teens who have already faced them. By foregoing excercise, they risk their health. For example, staring at a screen for hours is harmful because it affects the eyesight. They will become addicted and increasingly cut off from friends. The society need suitable facilities for the youth of the town.

To conclude, I do not think that the problem is as serious as  we think. The media gives a negative viewpoint  of society and sometimes exaggerates too much. On the other hand, it will definitely become serious unless we do not do something.

Yours faithfully,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Alina Kritikou.


nuclear power:how important is it to us?


Nowadays,15% of world’s  electricity  comes from  nuclear power,also  utility  reactions  heat  water  to  produce  steam , which is  used  to generate electricity.Although,many people  speak  out  about  the  dangers  of  nuclear  power,there are advantages.

One of  the  most  significant  advantages  of  using  fission  nuclear  energy  is  that  it  is  a  viable alternative  to  fossil  fuel which is said  to be  deplenting.This is why more and  more  experts  support  the  opinion of developing  more  nuclear  reactors.Moreover,by using nuclear  power  we do not  pollute the  air which  is a  great  advantage  too and as  we all  know  our  planet  is  in  danger,so in  this  way  we protect the environment.Furthermore,by using  fission  there is  greater  energy yield,so with fission  we consume substances  that  can  be  replaced rather than using oil.Finally,the  power which is produced is from controlled non-explosive reactions  so  we do not have to  worry so  much.

On the other hand,one  of  the  main  risks  in nuclear power  is  the  way the  radioactive  waste  is managed.Sientists usually put the  waste  into  a  concrete  container and  they  put  those container  into  the  soil.Also, it is important to remember that many countries take advantage this process in order to make  nuclear  weapons  which  will  use  in wars.Of course, those weapons are  destructive because the effects of  radioactive stay  for many  years.In addition it is true that many people are afraid of explosions  ,which they might exist,such as the explosion in Chernobyl.The radioactive fallout of this great explosion were absolutely fatal.Many people still die from those materials.

In this  controversial topic there is a third side too.There  is fusion  , which  it  could  be used.It is  safer  but it is  still  under  investigation and the effects are  unclear.Also many people  think about using wind power or solar power.Although,those kinds of alternatives are not produce the same quantity of electricity.

I believe that fusion is the  best  choice of  producing energy and we  must not  worry about an explosion because many scientists support that they can control it.

an assigment


Here’s one of my most recent pieces of writing: an imaginary formal letter to a politician outlining my ideas about the financial support that should be given in sports by the government.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Having read an article expressing your opinion on sports funds published in the local newspaper on the 18th of June I am writing to express my concern at hearing the from your point of view there should be a radical increase in money spent in this field.

First and foremost,I would like to comment on the extract from the article, in which it is highlighted that sports achievements are nowadays a means of national appeal. Despite this fact being partially true as attention is given to a certain country as a consequence of those achievements, this is not the initial goal. Where positive publicity may be caused by sports for a rather short period of time this image of a successful nation must be maintained by completing other major tasks, for instance fighting against unemployment and poverty.

Regarding the proposal of raising the expenditure on all sports facilities and training equipment, I would like to express my alarm at hearing this suggestion. Spending more on sports will probably cause the decrease of fundraising in other fundamental fields for the progress of our society. Wasting money in order to be strong in the sporting world while vital civil services are not given the attention needed cannot be beneficial for anyone. Of course a small increase in the money provided for sports could be a show of support and motivation towards the athletes and might indirectly lead to moments of victory in the future.

All in all,despite the fact that achievements in the sports field reflect a healthy and improving society, a tremendous amount of money spent on that will lead to nothing but a negative impact on other services. In contradiction, providing a larger amount of money in services, such as education, so that even more children can take up a sport and maybe evolve into  great athletes one day would be much wiser.

I would be interested in hearing other readers’ comments regarding this issue.

Yours faithfully,

Irene Mavrikaki.

Should they remain unpunished?

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That’s a question that plagues millions of christians, and not only, around the world after it was revealed that Pope Benedict the sixteenth was concealing the ‘action’ of numerous catholic priests before becoming the leader of Catholic church. Estimating that the abuse of young children is not severe enough for Batikan to become aware of he indirectly helped to the maltreatmant of about 9,000 children only in the USA.However, despite the enourmous number of the victims, neither the priests nor the Pope,of course, was punished in any way. It is far too clear now that although there have been severall centuries since Batikan had the right to take millions of lives it is still obvious that it remains one of the most powerful and unfortunately the most influencing countries. After all those years isn’t time we should all separated the people who call themselves our spiritual leaders from our spirituality?

Mentalism!!! (If this is a synonym for fraud…)


Did you watch the Yuri Geller show that was on ANT-1 every Saturday? Did you like it? In my opinion it was …hmm…ehm…OK. It was like watching an expert fraud (…cough…Yuri Geller…cough…) choosing the best fraud out of others. Well if you don’t believe me, then watch this video. You may not understand anything of what he says but it is worth watching. Just pay attention to his thumbs from 1:19-1:23

Did you see what he stuck on his thumb? It certainly helped him move the compass… You may think now that the whole Yuri Geller show was  “science-fiction/vivid fantasy” full of fake actions… Well possibly yes. So what is the best thing this show has left? The quotes, the dangerous (fake) tricks …… and ……. this new …… hit.

This new song will surely become the  top song in the charts…!!!

Swine flu at schools


A week ago when the headmaster of my school announced us that we didn’t have to go to school for the next week everybody felt relieved and excited about the next few days(including my self).I have to admit that after three days of relaxing i was almost eager to return to my usual habits…When the next day I realased that probably i had the same flu that was the reason for my school to stop having classes i decided that there was a reason for this action.Despite the opinion of many teachers i understand at the time being there is a necessity to close some schools.Attending a lesson is very important in understanding it so for victims of the flu ,such as me, there would be quite many problems after losing so many hours.Of course i do believe that most of the schools that closed didn’t have real or enough cases of patients, however checking if the children are real victims is included in the duty of the teachers dealing with the situation so the students shouldn’t be blamed.For the ones that still do blame us (the students) please start complaining for the actual reasons(which is the lack of ability adults have in controlling) that have caused the unjust closing of the schools and stop pretending that teenagers are ‘the source of all evil’ in this country…Also something that would be beneficial for everybody is to remind yourselves the way you reacted in our age and consider all the factors that have made today’s teens do things like that.

I Hope my School Closes!!


Nowadays, more and more schools are starting to close due to the new flu.Indeed, the idea of  not having to wake up at  seven o’clock, really appeals to me! You are be given the opportunity to relax and have a rest.For me, having NO school for over a week this period, is a dream come true! (I hope my school closes,too). However, concerning it seriously, everybody believes that if schools are closed, students who have this particular flu, won’t keep in touch with other people to transmit the illness. But this is a lie. They still mix with people, so no matter how unlikely that might seem, I believe that this isn’t a good solution to remedy the situation.  Apart from this, in my opinion it’s a bit unfair for schools that aren’t closed at the moment and they are having lessons and challenging exams, while others are sleeping, watching TV or surfing the Internet. It’s really anoying! (But again, I hope my school closes!).

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